Monday, June 17, 2013

Before + After: Vintage File Cabinet

After: File cabinet makes a perfect side table in the living room

I've become hooked on HGTV. Flea Market Flip is my ultimate vice, where two teams go head-to-head at a flea market by purchasing three items to flip at another flea market. I love the idea of taking something old, with good bones, and using a little creativity to give it a new life. When I found a vintage file cabinet at the Alameda Antiques Faire (likely from the 1940's), I had a hunch that it would make a great side table in my living room. My dad helped me take the cabinet apart, piece by piece, which we then sanded and primed. We also applied rust remover to the wheels and chrome handle to shine them up. I spray painted each piece of the cabinet separately to get an even blue coat. The file cabinet has become a great addition to the living room and a place to tuck away unsightly exercise equipment. 

Before: Rusty file cabinet purchased from Alameda Antiques Faire for $35

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