Friday, May 24, 2013

Before + After: 1930's Vanity Makeover

 After: Girly vanity of my dreams
I'm a sucker for a good makeover. This is probably why Cinderella was my favorite movie as a child and Clueless as an adolescent (Tai's makeover, obvi). Now, as an adult, my love for makeovers has evolved from people to furniture. I love finding a unique piece, either discarded (and loving rescued, as I like to think of it) on the side of the road or a swap meet and giving it a new life. It seems to satisfy a creative itch as well as desire to get my hands dirty (sanding, priming, painting). When decorating my room, I found the perfect makeover project in a 1930's vanity at the Alameda Vintage Fair. Luckily, this was a pretty easy makeover - the white vanity was in good shape and just needed some paint to spruce up. I choose purple, because hey, it's a vanity....doesn't get much more girly than that, and I loved that I could accentuate the piping details around the drawers by using a contrasting white paint.
Before: I purchased this vanity at the Alameda Vintage Fair

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